Retail Liquor Insurance Package

A cost-effective and complete insurance package, designed to address the individual risks and occupational requirements associated with retail liquor.

Every retailer operates differently, so it is important that you consider the risks associated with your particular products or services and apply the correct insurance.

It is important that you find the right cover to protect your business. As a retail liquor outlet operating within Australia, you are exposed to many industrial hazards that require specific insurance.

To ensure the most relevant insurance for retail liquor outlets, please consider the following risks:

Illness, injury or death as a result of your products

Negligence in serving cigarettes and alcohol

Legal compensation for personal harm or property damage

Loss or damage of property or electronic equipment

Theft of stock or cash

Breakdown or repair of fridges and freezers

Breakdown or repair of security cameras and locks

Traditionally, liquor retailers required separate insurance policies to ensure complete coverage. This lengthy process can be very difficult and expensive to manage.

The insurance covers applicable to retail liquor outlets operating within Australia include:

Machinery, computers and electronic equipment



Worker’s compensation

Most insurance companies provide ‘bundled’ solutions, which contain general insurance for typical business-related risks; however they do not take into account, the individual needs of certain retailers.

Licensed venues require specific insurance in order to agree with Australian laws, which many of these standard packages do not include. They may even force you to pay for insurance that is not relevant to your business.

Without the correct insurance, your business may be liable in the event of an accident or disaster and the repercussions could be damaging.

Luckily, there is a cost-effective solution available, which provides complete cover for your business. With the Retail Liquor Insurance Package, you will only receive the cover which is applicable to you.

The benefits of having one complete insurance package to cover your entire business include:

One fee to fit within your budget

One set of paperwork to complete

One insurance company to deal with for all claims, concerns and enquiries

Insurance is too important to make the wrong decision. Don’t leave your business exposed – make sure you are completely protected against the specific risks associated with retail liquor.

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